Timeless elegance wrapped in understated luxury, the Cedar and Rose Signature collection of furniture has a remarkable sense of integrity and authenticity. Designs are founded on enduring quality, attention to detail, warmth, and simplicity, attributes that should form the essential core of every home.

The collections are born from traditional cabinet making each with subtle differences to accentuate the feel and character of the home. Where we need to make subtle changes to meet the design, you can rest assured our signature collection will stand the test of time.


Adopting a subtle modern feel, the Simpkin Collection perceives the timeless appeal of traditional furniture making form a intricately detailed perspective.

Contrasting with the handsome appeal of the exterior, the interiors are just as opulent with luxurious hardwoods defining what lies within.

Custom designed cocktail cabinets with mirrored or copper interiors add to the appeal ad unique artistry that comes with any of the Signature Collection.


Referencing the innate creativity of classic luxury handcrafted design, this collection brings together the timeless appeal if traditional furniture making.

The Brock lends some flexibility to design whether that be straight shaker, or utilising the handsome appeal of decorative mouldings to reflect refined door details always adds an air of sophistication to any cabinet.


Subtly different from the Simpkin collection by having a recessed panel creating a softer appearance.