Initial meeting

Most of our commissions start out with a telephone conversation, or email. If our first encounter with each other is via telephone, we will then setup an appointment to discuss your requirements further.

First meeting

During the appointment you can discuss your requirements further and show us any material, photos or ideas you have already have.

From here we can listen to what you require and make notes as to your wants and needs are. Whether that’s an impressive cooks island or butler’s pantry to store all of your wares.

Initial costings

Once we have an idea of what you require we will give you an estimation of the overall project cost. This way, right from the outset we can determine whether the budget can realise all of the aspects in mind. Ultimately this enables us to make suggestions on material decisions to allow you to realise your design. This cannot always happen, the nature of handmade, bespoke kitchens and furniture along with the beauty and longevity that natural wood products offer, unfortunately comes at a price. But who can put a price on aesthetically pleasing life changing items. When it’s handmade every piece has its own story.


Once the budget and the overall layout is agreed, final complete accurate dimensional drawings are drafted and 3D CAD drawings are produced. This allows you to see, visually in front of you, what the proposed scheme will look like in your space.


Once the scheme has been finalised, all colours and finishing details confirmed and signed off. You have now commissioned us as craftsmen to make your project. This is where the fun starts.

Your project is allocated a slot within our manufacturing schedule, we normally operate on a 8 – 10 week lead time on large kitchen projects and 4 – 6 weeks for furniture. This can change and we have been know to have 12 week waiting times, such is the demand for our services. Which is why we always encourage our clients to get in touch as soon as possible to avoid any potential disappointment.

Once the date for starting is reached we get to work in turning raw material into the finalised idea.


Whether it’s making kitchens to dine and entertain in. Bedrooms to relax in. Walk-in wardrobes to be the envy of your friends. Or that wine or cinema room you’ve always hankered after. Being able to make exactly what you want or need is imperative. Once you understand that we are truly a bespoke company, being cabinet makers first and foremost and kitchen maker second. You can soon realise the possibilities are endless.

Dry fitting

We dry fit the whole of the project, where possible, in the workshop first prior to site installation. This enables us to maintain our high standards of manufacturing whilst also enabling us to ensure everything fits correctly. Minimising disruption to your home or own build schedule.

Whilst all this is happening

Some companies might not want you near them whilst all the nitty gritty is going on with your project. Not us. We actively encourage our clients to come and see their project being made. Potential customers are also able to see projects that are under commission when they visit us too. This enables you to see just how much work goes into making these commissions.


Installation is carried out by us and only us. This is the only way we can guarantee your project is fulfilled correctly.

We do use sub-contractors for trades not directly related to the business. But we have been using their services for many years and they know how we work as much as they do. Which allows for a cohesive, collaborative approach to work.

When it’s all said and done

When it’s time for us to finally leave, we know you’ll be sad to see us go. We build lasting relationships with our clients. So it won’t be long before you are wondering about that next project and we can rekindle our relationship again. But firstly there’ll be some coffee and cake J