01 Dec 2018
Traditional Fitted Master Bedroom Furniture

Project Description

When the idea for this full house renovation in Audlem, Cheshire was conceived, it was done to allow the clients to downsize.

After living in an older turn of the century property, the clients’ natural focus for this new home was to maximise the additional light benefited by the houses position. A much more lighter and neutral pallet was chosen to allow as much light to reflect as possible. Our brief was to keep to traditional look but with a modern feel to create an inviting space to retire to of an evening as well as accommodating a separate dressing room, study and cabinetry for the master en-suite

As you walk up the main staircase you are immediately drawn to either the master suite to the Left, or the adjoining dressing room to the right. Designed to invite and emit a general sense of calm, dressing and retiring to bed are effortless.

As with any area of the house the bedroom and dressing room are no different. A full inventory was carried out so as to ensure adequate space for all their current clothing collections. Always with that extra little bit of space to ensure new purchases will have a home. Incorporating half, full length, drawers, shoe shelves and handbag storage ensures everything is easily put away and at hand.

Both the master suite and dressing room enjoy the best views from the property. Both look out across the beautifully landscaped garden and countryside beyond.

The classic contemporary design of this project lends itself perfectly to the overall look and feel of this home. The soft colour palette of C&R Chalk on the cabinetry in the master suite, being finished of perfectly with handmade satin brass hardware.

Traditional Fitted Master Bedroom Furniture

29 Nov 2018
Dressing Room

Project Description

This dressing room was part of a larger full house renovation where we carried out a full joinery fit out.

It was important to the clients to ensure that they could have a dedicated dressing room to allow them to free up space in other rooms as they were down sizing, so it was critical to ensure that this room still felt spacious even though it wasn’t a big space. The mirror within the display unit helps to elevate the light levels and reflect the landing making the room feel much bigger.

The whole room was chosen to be finished in this stunning North American Cherry. The solid timber doors feature raised panels to add some depth to the doors. Floating glass shelves are housed within a custom designed matching string to allow the mirrors to disappear into the display.

The Brock cabinetry is finished off  beautifully with matching cherry dovetailed drawers and handmade solid brass handles, finished in a satin brass.


“Cedar and Rose were recommended to us, by golly we are glad of that introduction, we are so thrilled with the workmanship”

Dressing Room

15 Jul 2017
Bespoke Shaker Wardrobes - Staffordshire

Project Description

Cabinetry – Bespoke Shaker Wardrobes, Staffordshire. Bespoke white internals, traditional shaker doors and bespoke oak drawers. price on application. Cedar and Rose.

The owners – Craig and Laura both professionals.

Their home – A four-bedroom traditionally built new build property, with exposed oak.

The project – To accommodate his and her wardrobe space within the master bedroom incorporating the raked vaulted ceiling. Whilst also freeing up hanging space in their daughter’s bedroom.

Room size – 5.0m x 3.6m

Designer – David Giles at Cedar and Rose

“David at Cedar and Rose was recommended to us by our curtain maker. We made an appointment and from the initial meeting we knew straight away that we had been recommended to the right person. The finished article speaks for itself”.

Bespoke shaker wardrobes staffordshire

DESIGN SOLUTION – David explains …

What was the inspiration for the design?

Craig and Laura came to me with an idea of what they wanted to achieve and provided a few photos of the type of style they were looking for. This was a simple shaker design but with a modern twist. They had a couple of must have’s which were to maximise the available storage space and for it to not over power the room.

How did you put a modern twist on the project?

We realised early on in the design process that to really make the project pop that we needed to keep all the lines simple and uncluttered. We did this using a simple traditional shaker door, which was painted. Then adding the book matched oak drawer boxes internally really blends in nicely when the doors are pulled open.

Talk us through the how the internal space was decided?

Craig and Laura knew exactly what they needed to fit in, so at the brief stage they said to have his and hers to the left and right with drawers and a middle which could be split.

From the site survey, it was clear they needed more half hanging than full. So the layout of full hanging in the central cabinet with two less drawers just made the most practical sense for them.

How was the colour decided?

We colour matched to existing free standing pieces of furniture they had in the room.

What do you like most?

I really like the freshness that is revealed when you open the doors to reveal the book matched drawers. It’s so simple but yet so unexpected on this project.

28 Jun 2016
Bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes

Project Description

Cabinetry – Bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes, cabin bed with flat panel doors with subtle architectural design cues, price on application. Cedar and Rose.

The owners – Nathan, a company director and his partner Sarah a managing consultant.

Their home – A three-bedroom mock Georgian farmhouse with attic gym, in Wexham.

The project – To turn his son’s room into a practical usable space, which was also inviting and playful. Sleeping area, office, display area and dressing were all needed in the small space.

Room size – 2.2m x 3.5m

Designer – David Giles at Cedar and Rose

Having already commissioned Cedar and Rose to carry out the downstairs work in the property, Nathan didn’t hesitate in asking David to come up with a scheme for his son’s room. “there was no doubt that we wanted David to carry out the work on this project also, I gave him my ideas on a plain piece of paper, and he interpreted it into what you see”.

Time lapse

DESIGN SOLUTION – David Giles explains …

What was the inspiration for the design?

Nathan had a clear image in his mind what he wanted. I recall the initial conversation where he outlined it was to be a cabin bed, but which didn’t feel like it dominated the space. It needed to feel warm but also had items of interest which didn’t stand out.

How did the layout evolve?

With this room we had a blank canvas to work with, the only restrictions were the room dimensions, and what Nathan wanted to fit within it. First was the size of the bed, a small double was an ideal size for his son to grow into. There needed to be ample storage, so draws underneath and above the bed were used and a display cabinet to house magazines, trophies and a collection of Formula 1 helmets. A practical office was also needed which was tucked around the end of the bed, this also isn’t visible when entering the room, which keeps a feeling of calm. Finally a practical wardrobe was placed in the most logical place, with plenty of space in front to change.

Talk us through the lighting scheme?

Lighting is such an important aspect of any project and is often over looked or considered way too late. Here we looked where task lighting needed to be, so under the office cabinets for working, within the display cabinet for illuminating the items permanently on display. Wardrobe task lighting which switches on when the doors open, to provide excellent visibility of the clothing inside. Finally a beautiful nautical themed wall mounted light was added as a reading light within the bed along with colour changing LED’s in the ceiling to allow for some interest and mood stabilising.

Were there any problems?

Hmmm. Yes. Although this was a relatively straight forward scheme, there were a lot of design revisions to get all the proportions right. This all had to be done in CAD before we could start manufacturing. Although we had these to go from, the acid test was always going to be when we installed it. This is why clients come to us though, because we work with them collaboratively to realise their vision.

What do you like most?

It’s hard to not like it all, I am very pleased with how we have managed to maintain the room proportions even with the amount of cabinetry and furniture in there, and it doesn’t feel like you’re crammed in at any point. The old bed which was in before made it feel like a small room, and that had a single bed footprint. Now we’ve got a small double, office, wardrobe and enough storage that his toys will all have a place.

16 May 2016
Luxury Handmade Kitchens and Wardrobes Staffordshire

Project Description

Bespoke Luxury Handmade Kitchens and Wardrobes is what you will find here.

Client: Cedar and Rose
Location: Stone
Style:   Painted Shaker in-frame with solid in-frame island and complimented by entertainment centre
Paint: Farrow & Ball, Mylands
Appliances: Kitchen Aid, Franke

What will you be able to receive advice on – Bespoke Luxury Handmade Kitchens, Wardrobes, Bootrooms, Wine Cellars, Studies & more.

You will also find that we are partnered with Kitchen Aid to offer all of their major appliances for our projects.

So after providing lovely fitted furniture to our clients over the years, one question we got from prospective clients, was do you have a showroom with some display items? Well we didn’t until we decided enough was enough and built a purpose built kitchen and living room display, boot room and home office.

The kitchen is a traditional hardwood in-frame design, with solid oak dovetailed draws. The kitchen benefits of having a wide larder cupboard to house a plethora of kitchen wares.

The in-frame slab effect of the island, gives a modern twist on the traditional mainstay, finished off with decorative tongue and groove panelling.

Next was building something that we are getting asked more and more to build, is an entertainment centre. So we went about incorporating a sleek tactile finish and appearance for the cabinetry and offset this with a striking wood panel, which the TV is housed upon. Slate tiles and granite worktop finish it of perfectly.

Don’t be dishearten if what you’ve seen isn’t to your taste, the showroom is a small taste of the quality and workmanship that you can see first-hand. And you can see the workshop where it is all made as well.

So if its farmhouse traditional, sleek and modern or something in-between the possibilities are we can provide it.

The Challenges

  • Blank canvas to work with
  • Really wanted to showcase what we can do
  • Getting ready before our open day!
05 May 2016
Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

Project Description

The project – Bespoke bedroom furniture. To turn what was a former pigsty into a family home. To give their daughter a princess themed bedroom. His and hers wardrobes in the master bedroom, along with draw storage. Integrated home office in the spare bedroom and a boot room to house the utility and mechanical services of the building.

The owners – Martin and Helen, both company directors.

Their home – A three-bedroom dry stone walled converted farm building, in the borders of Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

Room size – Various

Designer – David Giles at Cedar and Rose

Cabinetry – Bespoke princess bedroom wardrobes and cabinetry. Theme carried through the rest of the project with shaker doors being used throughout. price on application. Cedar and Rose.

Converting a former farm building is always challenging. It throws up unforeseen problems time and time again. Fortunately this wasn’t the first time Martin and Helen had undertaken a project of this size. Converting or renovating any property is challenging, but this, in a conversation area through up extra questions, Helen recalls. “One of those was how to best utilise the tight spaces we were left with upstairs, with the steep roof pitch and shallow headroom”. Helen and Martin were using an Interior designer who helped put them in touch with Cedar and Rose.

“Once David had come to site and discussed with us what we wanted and what was achievable, we wasted no time in commissioning him to carry out the works as we needed half the project completed before Christmas, which was our move date”.

DESIGN SOLUTION – David explains …

How did you approach this project?

We worked with the designers brief and Helen’s thoughts on the site visit to interpret these into a useable scheme, which blended into the room spaces. The one thing that was a must was the princess themed bed. Helens daughter hadn’t had a proper bedroom for a few years with the renovations, so her parents wanted to do something a little special for her.

Was it tricky working around the property’s quirky features?

With the bed-rooms it was all dictated by the roofs pitch and lack of headroom in points. It was important to maximise the storage whilst at the same time not enclosing the space. By building the cabinetry into the ceiling pitch allowed us to use the full height of each room, whilst utilising the depth eaten up by the strong pitch. One of Helen’s main concerns was wardrobe space for her and Martin. By mirroring the master wardrobe on the landing, allowed us to use unused space on the landing whilst retaining maximum flow around the master bedroom.

Did you recommend cabinet colour and materials?

It was a team effort. Helen had a strong idea of the colours she wanted to use, she loved the Farrow and Ball colours and a few testers quickly confirmed the choices. Helen looked to us for material choices which was a mixture of Birch plywood, hardwood and MRMDF for cost, durability and aesthetic purposes.

How does the princess bedroom reflect the rest of the property?

The timeless shaker cabinet doors help ground and conform to the rest of the cabinetry we did in the property. It’s simple yet effective use of the roof pitch allows the maximum use of the space. Designer wallpaper as a feature adds some interest, which can be easily updated at any time.

And the most successful part?

Picking one element is tough. The home office in the spare room was great, as it just looks like a wardrobe when not in use. The boot room conceals the cloak room, utility and mechanical room from the conservatory seating area. But for shear reaction I’d have to say the princess bedroom. Knowing that she got to see this on Christmas Eve, when they moved in, and she cried with joy – makes me glad I can do what I do for clients and their families.

Finally do you have any tips for others?

Yes. It is always daunting when taking on any project no matter how big or small. Having someone that understands what you are trying to achieve is paramount. But above all it should be fun and something you enjoy doing.