03 Jan 2017
Architectural Joinery Driveway Gates

Project Description

Project: Provide Architectural Joinery Bespoke Driveway Gates

Client: Mr. and Mrs. A. Haversham
Location: Staffordshire
Style:   Traditional design with modern twist
Paint: Farrow & Ball
Joinery: Mortise & Tenon

After being recommended to the clients by a friend to look at some remedial works on their property, and understanding what we offer. They then asked us to design their driveway gates.

After finalising the design and budget, they commissioned us to manufacture their gates.

David answers some questions.

How did the design evolve? There wasn’t to much of a brief, in so much that we were shown an initial image of something they liked and I just put a modern twist on that design. The only sticking points were that it had to be fitting, in its surroundings, and be automated.

Automated, can you explain a little more? Yes sure, we were quite lucky with this job as they had recently had a new wall built and had the power cable installed within. We liaised with the driveway contractor for the floor mounts also. So all we had to do was connect the intercom and floor closer to the power. Then the gates are operated via a fob or intercom to gain entry.

What are the gates made from? These gates are great, a modified hardwood highly sustainable credentials and the timber supplier specify at least a 50 year life span with reduced ongoing maintenance.

How do you guarantee these are sustainable?  Our timber supplier only provides us with fully FSC and PEFEC certified timber. This ensures all our timber has a full chain of custody.

Any final thoughts? Yes sure, don’t be afraid to contact us. As well as architectural joinery we provide cabinetry alongside often meaning that we can accommodate any project and a broad array of budgets.

The Challenges

  • Ability to use some complex joinery
  • Nice use of a paint finish
  • Clients ecstatic with final product!