Bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes

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Project Description

Cabinetry – Bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes, cabin bed with flat panel doors with subtle architectural design cues, price on application. Cedar and Rose.

The owners – Nathan, a company director and his partner Sarah a managing consultant.

Their home – A three-bedroom mock Georgian farmhouse with attic gym, in Wexham.

The project – To turn his son’s room into a practical usable space, which was also inviting and playful. Sleeping area, office, display area and dressing were all needed in the small space.

Room size – 2.2m x 3.5m

Designer – David Giles at Cedar and Rose

Having already commissioned Cedar and Rose to carry out the downstairs work in the property, Nathan didn’t hesitate in asking David to come up with a scheme for his son’s room. “there was no doubt that we wanted David to carry out the work on this project also, I gave him my ideas on a plain piece of paper, and he interpreted it into what you see”.

Time lapse

DESIGN SOLUTION – David Giles explains …

What was the inspiration for the design?

Nathan had a clear image in his mind what he wanted. I recall the initial conversation where he outlined it was to be a cabin bed, but which didn’t feel like it dominated the space. It needed to feel warm but also had items of interest which didn’t stand out.

How did the layout evolve?

With this room we had a blank canvas to work with, the only restrictions were the room dimensions, and what Nathan wanted to fit within it. First was the size of the bed, a small double was an ideal size for his son to grow into. There needed to be ample storage, so draws underneath and above the bed were used and a display cabinet to house magazines, trophies and a collection of Formula 1 helmets. A practical office was also needed which was tucked around the end of the bed, this also isn’t visible when entering the room, which keeps a feeling of calm. Finally a practical wardrobe was placed in the most logical place, with plenty of space in front to change.

Talk us through the lighting scheme?

Lighting is such an important aspect of any project and is often over looked or considered way too late. Here we looked where task lighting needed to be, so under the office cabinets for working, within the display cabinet for illuminating the items permanently on display. Wardrobe task lighting which switches on when the doors open, to provide excellent visibility of the clothing inside. Finally a beautiful nautical themed wall mounted light was added as a reading light within the bed along with colour changing LED’s in the ceiling to allow for some interest and mood stabilising.

Were there any problems?

Hmmm. Yes. Although this was a relatively straight forward scheme, there were a lot of design revisions to get all the proportions right. This all had to be done in CAD before we could start manufacturing. Although we had these to go from, the acid test was always going to be when we installed it. This is why clients come to us though, because we work with them collaboratively to realise their vision.

What do you like most?

It’s hard to not like it all, I am very pleased with how we have managed to maintain the room proportions even with the amount of cabinetry and furniture in there, and it doesn’t feel like you’re crammed in at any point. The old bed which was in before made it feel like a small room, and that had a single bed footprint. Now we’ve got a small double, office, wardrobe and enough storage that his toys will all have a place.

The Testimonial

Mrs D
It's just so rare these days to find such friendly professional, reliable and skilled craftsmen. The work done was nothing short of outstanding, and has exceeded all of our expectations. Thank-you

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