What we do

First and foremost we are a cabinet and joinery making company.

We design and manufacture beautiful kitchens, bedrooms, media centres and the like. But by no means are we limited to these areas.

Our clients are private individuals, architectural practices, architects, designers, franchise owners and small commercial practices.

Design, form and function are important factors in all of our work. Thus careful considerations are given for areas such as proportion, scale and architectural details.

Established by David Giles in 2006, Cedar and Rose has an enviable reputation for beautifully designed and constructed fitted and free standing furniture. David, a time served cabinet maker himself gained a 1st class BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying. This has enabled him to have a wider appreciation for the collaborative approach needed when a client commissions Cedar and Rose.

The realisation from our clients that they can have a truly bespoke product, and manufacturing in our own workshop enables ourselves and our clients the flexibility and control of a project. We encourage you to really use your imagination.

Having our own workshop enables us to fulfil these projects in house. Giving us greater flexibility and control of the project.


Why choose bespoke

Bespoke means different things to different people. Bespoke in our eyes comes in where modular and designer alternatives cannot. Offering diversity and choice only gets you half way there. Just like a tailor made suit or dress, bespoke cabinetry should have no compromise in quality, design and fit should all seamlessly meet.

Our approach offers clients the flexibility and confidence to know that any detail, no matter how small or complex, will be met collaboratively to design their vision in a way which is tailored to them.


There are many options available these days from manufacturers claiming to offer bespoke cabinetry. They will be able to offer a selection of materials and differing finishes and draw options. Ultimately they are often tied to limitations of a pre-existing template from a catalogue.

A genuine bespoke project is entirely different: commission Cedar and Rose Ltd, and every angle, line and detail is considered; every components method of construction is thought about and how the methods and fixtures used to assemble them are there by design. Whether you need a certain sized draw to accommodate a concealable blender; a display cabinet to display your collectable china; or you have awkward roof angles which needs to incorporate a princess bedroom. A bespoke commission from Cedar and Rose Ltd will deliver a project which has taken due care and attention to meet those exacting requirements.

Using the knowledge and passion which is gained through time served bench and site work, has enabled us to design and manufacture beautiful kitchens, bedrooms, media centres and the like.

Bespoke handmade shaker kitchen, Wexham
Luxury Kitchen Staffordshire